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Collections of the Gaudí Chair-ETSAB, UPC

2018–2022 Project


The Gaudí Chair’s mission is to conserve, disseminate and study exceptional heritage relating to Antoni Gaudí and the architecture and urban planning of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The aim of the Chair is to become a research centre that is recognised for promoting architectural knowledge and making its collections available to academic and research communities and the public. 

The 2018–2022 Project presents the main areas of action to integrate the Chair’s and the ETSAB’s collections over a four-year period. The project, which began in 2017, is being undertaken in conjunction with the ETSAB’s Oriol Bohigas Library and the UPC’s Libraries, Publications and Archives Service.

The main objectives of the project are to disseminate the collections via an open access website and incorporate contents on Antoni Gaudí and his work. The website must be designed to allow access to all the available information on the architect and architecture and urban planning of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and to reduce the impact of directly handling original, extremely fragile material.


Development of the project


1. Inventory and cataloguing the collections

2. Digitisation of the collections

3. Development of the open access website 

4. Conservation and restoration of documents, books and objects

With the support of the Departament of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya




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