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Logo CGThe Gaudi Chair is a documentation and research center, attached since this creation at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, which focuses on the figure of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí I Cornet and his modernist context. Our material includes architects, artists, intellectuals and technicians contemporaries of Gaudi, including the period between the end of the 19th century and the first half of 20th.

The Gaudí Chair collection includes, besides numerous pieces and original works of Gaudí, the documentary and artistic production of some of his collaborators, as well as scientific researches related to the architect. Our collection includes as well documents related to the social, cultural and artistic manifestations experienced during this period in Catalonia, which allow a better study and understanding of the context where the thought and work of Gaudí was developed.

The Gaudi Chair pretend to be a paramount reference for students and researchers interested in the figure of the architect Gaudí, providing documentary and graphic material related to the architect, collected over more than half a century.

Moreover, we are interested in collaborating in the diffusion, conservation and enhancement of the architect remarkable heritage, putting it in a good use as a top compromise; most of all in a moment when disproportionate media exaltation of the figure of Gaudi menaces to trivialize the unquestionable importance of its work and legacy.